Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Make your summers super cool at Swimming Pool (Grab the special Thane Club membership today)

Summers are here again and everyone is up for fun, frolic and entertainment. Kids are having their vacation mode on, business professionals are striving for a break and others are gearing up to beat the heat in some style with chilled drinks and a splash into the swimming pool. This is perhaps a great time for you to grab the special 3 day free Thane clubmembership and enjoy the amenities like swimming which is a star feature at the Thane club.

What is it that differentiates the other clubsin Thane with The Thane Club? The blue cool, swimming pool is all glitter and glory for the elite class and that’s what you find here. After rushing through the deadlines and targets, you surely need a place to just head into and relax. With club membership here, The Thane club is one such fantastic place where you will find an Olympic sized swimming pool.

What is an Olympic sized swimming pool?    

An Olympic sized swimming pool is one of a kind pool which is used in the Olympic game. There is a race course with specific dimensions and as per the standards. This gives exciting opportunity for the young ones to learn swimming in the early stages of life itself. The talented ones can definitely use this kind of pools to practice for the swimming competitions. Sooner or later, we can surely expect a swimming gold at the Olympics from India. Therefore, if your kid is a prodigy, a swimming session can do a world of good for them.

What’s a better time to introduce your children to swimming than summer vacations? Take a break from the other activities and grab the amazing 3 days free club membership offer at The Thane club.

A time of refreshment and family fun :-

When the sun sends down the scorching rays, there’s no place better than the crystal clear swimming pool. Dive into it, just float around or play ball games, it is a profound experience for life. You get your family and the adventure is complete. You can easily have a memorable time with your better half or get into the play mode with your kids.

The other splendid attraction at The Thane club is the 25 feet deep dive swimming pool. This is a lot of fun. If you are a swimming enthusiast and loves deep diving, this will enthrall you to no end. Gear up for the diving challenge and take little pleasure of life here at The Thane club.

The exclusive 3 days free offer will give you the chance to enjoy all the Thane club amenities.

Women’s only Swimming Pool:-

If the Olympic sized pool and 25 feet diving are the features that define The Thane cub, then the exclusive swimming pool for women adds charm to it. The private pool inside the compound is where the girl gang can have all the gossips and beat the heat relaxing in the cool waters.

So, what are you waiting for, become a part of The Thane club today. Visit www.thethaneclub.com

Saturday, 25 May 2019

3 reasons why you should grab 3 days free club membership offer & explore The Thane Club

Life is a celebration, isn’t it? But many times it gets limited to festivals and happy occasions. The fast paced life gives us fewer opportunities to be together with the family and share in the just right memories. This summer, give yourself and your family the gift of happiness and enjoy the same every day. Grab the 3 days free clubmembership offer and explore facilities, amenities and luxury available at The Thane Club.

Here are 3 reasons why you should grab this exclusive offer:-

1) Your family deserves all the happiness in the world

If you want your family to enjoy to the fullest, this 3 day exclusive offer can provide you a taste of what you can expect when you become a full member. There are several clubs in Thane who provide facilities but The Thane Club is the only one which offers spectacular experiences which the members can cherish forever. It also offers special packages for individual and family. Therefore, why miss when you can easily grab this offer.

2) It's your only chance to experience it before making the investment

Like mentioned before, The Thane club is known for providing extremely lavish facilities and amenities which includes hospitality, sports, fitness, relaxation and more. But these are reserved for premium members only. This increases the value of this 3 day offer. Therefore, if you have even an iota of doubt regarding the authenticity of the experiences promised, try this offer before you invest in it. This will surely help you to make your decision whether you would want to go ahead and have a lifelong adventure at this marvelous club or not. This makes it definitely worth a shot to try this experience before actually taking the membership.

3) If you have decided to upgrade your way of living, give a go!

A Thane Club Membership has its own perks. A high end lifestyle intermingled with an endless list of sophisticated amenities and grand facilities show your class in the society and set you apart from the rest. Therefore, if lavishness is the driving force, dive into the mesmerizing world of everything that you ever dreamt of in a club at Thane. Give a go and try it all for 3 days, that too at free cost.

Besides these points which answers why you should try 3 day free offer, you can find a sneak peek into the stunning facilities below:-

Club membership will give you a profoundly charming experience with dazzling facilities like Olympic sized Swimming pool, Squash game, Badminton court, High end Gym facility, lively restaurant, Kids play area, etc. and on top of that an exclusive community to meet and greet.
Visit www.thethaneclub.com for other details.

Make your summers super cool at Swimming Pool (Grab the special Thane Club membership today)

Summers are here again and everyone is up for fun, frolic and entertainment. Kids are having their vacation mode on, business professionals...